Opening Post – A Call to Help Fight the Most Damaging Scientific Hoax in History

This post will remain “sticky” at the top until further notice.

Citizens of goodwill from around the world should be concerned and angry about the immense damage being done to our civilization by the man-made global warming/climate change movement (the Scam).

Now you can do something about it – simply by helping those businesses and organisations that oppose the Scam, and by hindering those that support it.

Make no mistake – the Scam has, with few exceptions, captured politicians, the establishment, the news media and is a very rich, powerful and well-entrenched movement. It will fight hard and dirty to keep its privileged position, its power and its wealth.  But we have proper, evidence-based science,  the truth and millions of well-informed, committed people on our side. This means that we can only win in the end. So the question has become – how much more damage will the Scam do before we can defeat it?

You can start helping immediately by supporting those organisations on this blog’s A list (the good guys), and by hindering those on the X list (the bad guys) and then by telling us what you have done. To be clear – this blog will never propose that anyone should undertake any illegal or unethical action. We hold the moral high ground and we intend to keep it.

This blog will also maintain lists of Heroes – people who are leading the fight against the Scam; and Villains – people who are promoting or benefiting from the Scam. These lists will be updated as new Heroes and Villains appear, disappear or change sides as the case may be.

About Bruce Forbes

I am a scientifically educated New Zealander working with many other like-minded people from around the world to try to bring to its long overdue end the most damaging scam in the history of science - the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW)/climate change movement.
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