What a Skeptic Is – and Is Not

As the case – scientific and political – for catastrophic man-made global warming/climate change (CAGW) continues to unravel – the alarmists’ tactics are becoming increasingly desperate. For example, it has been common lately for CAGW activists (alarmists) to misrepresent what we skeptics are actually saying. If they can do this successfully, then it becomes easier for them to dismiss us as ignorant fools whose opinions should be ignored.

Of course, I cannot claim to speak for all CAGW skeptics, but having read thousands of opinions over more than a decade, I feel confident that the following understanding applies to the great majority of us:

  • The climate has always changed,  will always change and the causes of those changes are mostly natural and poorly understood.
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has the effect of increasing the average temperature of the lower troposphere owing to its radiation absorption and emission characteristics.
  • The temperature effect of adding more CO2 is logarithmic; that is, increasing its concentration  in the atmosphere has a diminishing effect. We already have had most of the CO2 temperature effect. Doubling CO2 concentration from pre-industrial levels – if that ever occurs – will not have much temperature effect.
  • Water vapour is the main greenhouse gas and has much more of an influence on atmospheric average temperatures than CO2.
  • The models on which CAGW alarmists base their alarming (significantly increased average lower atmospheric temperatures) predictions rely on a positive feedback from increased water vapour in the lower atmosphere. This is conjecture that has never been demonstrated by experiment or by observation.
  • Sea levels have risen by about 1.5 to 3 mm per year since the end of the little ice age. Human emissions of CO2 are having no discernible effect on the rate of sea level rise.
  • CO2 concentrations have been orders of magnitude higher in the distant past, and these  episodes have not resulted in dangerous global warming, ocean acidification or any other of the alarmists’ predicted calamities.
  • Ice cores from both polar regions clearly and consistently show that increasing average atmospheric temperatures precede higher CO2 concentrations by hundreds of years. This logically means that those higher CO2 concentrations cannot be the cause of those higher temperatures.
  • There has never been an episode of ‘runaway’ global warming in the entire history (several billion years) of the earth, despite CO2 concentrations having been orders of magnitude greater that those of the present.
  • The lower atmospheric “hot spot” around the tropics that is predicted, owing to increased CO2 concentrations, by the alarmists’ climate models has not been observed to exist.
  • There have been a number of periods in recorded human history when average temperatures were as high or higher than they are at present. These periods are recognised as having been beneficial to civilisation.
  • There has been no statistically significant global warming for (at least) the past 15 years, despite unprecedented human CO2 emissions during the same period.
  • There is no credible evidence that  links increased human CO2 emissions with increased or worse storms, floods, droughts or other forms of bad weather. Even the IPCC does not make such  claims.
  • Carbon, carbon dioxide and photosynthesis  are the basis of almost all life on earth. Increased concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere may well have net beneficial effects; for example, a slightly increased average global temperature will benefit more people than it harms.  It is known that plants grow faster and are more drought resistant with increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations. The resulting increased crop yields have probably already improved millions of lives.

The purpose of this blog is not to debate the science. It is simply the stop the Scam as quickly as possible.  The Scam is a scam in the sense that governments in the developed economies are  continuing to mis-allocate hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money every year in support of policies that seek to reduce CO2 emissions – all predicated on a non-problem.  The situation we now find ourselves in  has real-world consequences, such as unnecessarily high energy costs, distorted energy and “carbon” markets and the corruption of universities and other scientific institutions. In addition, the money and resources being spent in the name of the Scam are being diverted from real problems such as malnutrition, lack of clean water, disease prevention and inadequate infrastructure.

It is not possible for governments to spend hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars per year without creating  rich and powerful constituencies of beneficiaries. These organisations and people are fighting hard and dirty to maintain the CAGW status quo.  Those of us who recognise the Scam for what it is do not have much money, or presently much influence with politicians or the mainstream news media.  We are almost entirely self-motivated and self-funded individuals and we mostly have the following attributes and advantages:

  • Well-informed and/or well-educated
  • Not afraid to speak out for our beliefs – or lack of them
  • Science is on our side – the truth will come out eventually
  • Will not be silenced by the CAGW bullies
  • Above average purchasing power
  • Highly motivated to challenge the CAGW establishment
  • We dominate this subject in the blogosphere – the mainstream news media are becoming irrelevant

Above all, there are millions of us around the world and we constitute significant minorities in most countries and possibly even majorities in some. This means that we have considerable collective commercial and political power.  The sooner this power can be effectively applied, the sooner we will bring the Scam to its overdue end.


About Bruce Forbes

I am a scientifically educated New Zealander working with many other like-minded people from around the world to try to bring to its long overdue end the most damaging scam in the history of science - the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW)/climate change movement.
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