This blog has one objective – to help hasten the demise of the worldwide  MMGW movement. The definitions that will be used here are as follows:

Man-Made Global Warming (MMGW):

This term refers to the influential international movement which claims that human emissions of carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse” gases are  having now, or in the future will have, serious harmful or catastrophic consequences for our environment and for humanity. These adverse consequences, as claimed by MMGW, are listed below.

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW):

As above for MMGW.

Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW):

As above for MMGW.

Climate Change:

As above for MMGW.

Climate Disruption:

As above for MMGW.

This blog will refer to any or all of the above as MMGW or more simply as the Scam.

Definitions continued:

Warmists or Warmers or Alarmists are those people or organisations that promote or support or seek to benefit from the Scam . These are the bad guys.

Skeptics or Sceptics are those people or organisations that oppose the Scam. These are the good guys.

What this blog will not do:

– debate the science of global warming/climate change. To do so would be a distraction from the single objective of defeating the MMGW movement as quickly as possible.

– debate whether climate change is happening.  Of course it is – the climate began changing when the earth first formed an atmosphere and it has continued to change ever since.

– debate whether or how much humans are contributing to global warming/climate change. We almost certainly are to some small degree, but there is no evidence that this contribution will ever be harmful, let alone catastrophic. Real science is evidence based. The Scam is not based on real science – it is based on conjecture, propaganda, ‘pal’ reviewed papers and unverified computer models.  At best it is pseudoscience.  At worst it is fraud.

– allow the pejorative  application of the odious terms “denier” or “denialist” (or their derivatives) to CAGW/MMGW/Scam skeptics. The real deniers are those who deny the large and growing body  of evidence that human emissions  of carbon dioxide will never be dangerous or catastrophic, but in fact are of net benefit to civilization.

Blog Owner’s Statement

My name is Bruce Alan Forbes. I attended Linwood High School and the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ironically, the school and the university are the same ones that produced the now-famous climate change alarmist Dr. Kevin “Travesty” Trenberth.  Kevin preceded me by a few years.  I graduated in 1971 with an honours degree in Chemical Engineering  and a science degree, majoring in chemistry and physics.

The catastrophic anthropogenic global warming/climate change (CAGW) hypothesis has by now been  discredited among the majority of scientifically informed people, and by a large portion of the general public, owing to its extremely weak scientific basis and the failure of the atmosphere to warm for over 15 years, despite unprecedented human carbon dioxide emissions. Regrettably, this reality has yet to be reflected in the mainstream news media, by policy makers, most commercial enterprises or by political leaders. The present misguided policy response is costing society dearly. Accordingly, I now intend to devote a major part of my life working with other committed CAGW skeptics to hasten the demise of the CAGW movement.

4 Responses to About

  1. Hi,

    On your list of heros you might want to add Anthony Watts – wattsupwiththat.com and or all the scientists at NIPCC.

    Beverly Farrar

  2. Bruce Forbes says:

    Thanks Beverly. Anthony Watts is already in the Heroes list (they are listed alphabetically by first name). I will add any NIPCC scientists who are not already on the Heroes list.


  3. The IMF and World Bank are pretty keen on perpetuating this myth as well. IMF especially calling for the carbon tax ad infinitum

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