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About Bruce Forbes

I am a scientifically educated New Zealander working with many other like-minded people from around the world to try to bring to its long overdue end the most damaging scam in the history of science - the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW)/climate change movement.

What a Skeptic Is – and Is Not

As the case – scientific and political – for catastrophic man-made global warming/climate change (CAGW) continues to unravel – the alarmists’ tactics are becoming increasingly desperate. For example, it has been common lately for CAGW activists (alarmists) to misrepresent what we skeptics … Continue reading

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Opening Post – A Call to Help Fight the Most Damaging Scientific Hoax in History

This post will remain “sticky” at the top until further notice. Citizens of goodwill from around the world should be concerned and angry about the immense damage being done to our civilization by the man-made global warming/climate change movement (the Scam). Now … Continue reading

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