The X List – Hinder Them!

The following businesses and organizations, listed by country, seem to be promoting or supporting; or they  are seeking to benefit from the MMGW/CAGW movement (the Scam).  Consequently, they carry a large part of the  responsibility for the continuing harm being done. Their antisocial, pro-Scam activities need to be curtailed for the benefit of us all.

Citizens of goodwill should do whatever they legally can to work against the interests of these businesses and organizations.  For example: refuse to buy from or sell to them, avoid trading with them (use their competitors),  do not cooperate with, or help  them;  do not provide services to them, do not vote for them or support them, do not invest in, donate to,  or work for them. Make fun of them, laugh at them and  denigrate them publicly. When you have done any of these things, let the business or organisation concerned know what you have done and why – and tell this blog about it. Your actions may inspire others.

Since the Scam remains, for the time being, in the ascendancy and is a rich and powerful adversary, this list will be large at first, but it will shrink as the popular movement against the Scam gathers momentum and more citizens lose their fear of the Scam’s supporters, promoters and beneficiaries. There are millions of us around the world who oppose the Scam, and with your help, many of the businesses and organizations  now on this list will soon come to see the error of their way.

Suggestions for additions to, or deletions from, this X List may be made via this blog.

Country                    Company or Organization         Website


.                                   European Union                             

.                                   Greenpeace                                      

.                                   IMF                                                   

.                                    IPPC                                                 

.                                    Oxfam                                              

.                                    Nature Publishing Group            

.                                   New Scientist                                  

.                                   Point Carbon                                   

.                                   Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

.                                   Shell Global                                    

.                                    UNEP                                               

.                                    United Nations                               

.                                    Wikipedia                                        

.                                    WMO                                                

.                                    World Bank  Group                       

.                                    World Health Organisation          

.                                    WWF                                                 


.                                  ABC                                                      

.                                 Australian Greens                             

.                                 Australian Labor Party                     

.                                 CSIRO                                                 

.                                 Fairfax Media                                     

.                                  Skeptical Science                              

.                                  Sydney Morning Herald                  

.                                  The Age                                               

.                                  University of New South Wales     



New Zealand 

.                                       Air New Zealand                       

.                                       Carbon Match                           

.                                       Carbon News                             

.                                      Carbonscape                              

.                                       ComTrade Carbon                   

.                                       EECA                                            

.                                       Environmental Protection Authority

.                                       Fairfax Media New Zealand  

.                                       Green Party                                

.                                       Labour Party                              

.                                       Meridian Energy                       

.                                       Ministry for the Environment

.                                       New Zealand Herald                

.                                       NIWA                                           

.                                       Radio New Zealand                   

.                                       Royal Society of New Zealand

.                                       TV1                                                 

.                                        TV3                                               


.                                   Abengoa                                


United Kingdom

.                                   BBC                                        

.                                   BP                                            

.                                   Committee on Climate Change

.                                   Conservative Party             

.                                   Grantham Institute for Climate Change

.                                   Green Investment Bank    

.                                   Greencoat UK Wind           

.                                    Infinis                                   

.                                    Labour Party                       

.                                    Liberal Democrats              

.                                     Independent                       

.                                     Met Office                            

.                                     NS Economics

.                                    Renewables Infrastructure Group

.                                    Royal Society                       

.                                    Sancroft International       

.                                    Scotland 2020 Climate Group

.                                    Standard Life                       

.                                     SSE                                        

.                                     The Guardian                       

.                                     The Observer                       

.                                     Tyndall Centre                    

.                                     University of East Anglia   

.                                     Virgin Group                        

United States

.                                    AAAS                                      

.                                  ABC News                              

.                                   American Geophysical Union

.                                   American Meteorological Society

.                                    Bloomberg                             

.                                    CNBC                                      

.                                    Democratic Party                 

.                                    EPA                                          

.                                    Environmental Defense Fund

.                                   Los Angeles Times                 

.                                    Major League Baseball

.                                    NASA                                       

.                                   National Basketball Association

.                                   National Football League

.                                   National Hockey League

.                                   Newsweek Magazine

.                                   New York Times

.                                    NOAA                                       

.                                    Pacific Institute                      

.                                    RealClimate                            

.                                    Science magazine                   

.                                    Scientific American               

.                                    Scripps Institution of Oceanography

.                                    Sierra Club                               

.                                    Time Magazine

.                                    Washington Post

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