The following people appear to be responsible for inventing, promoting, spreading, supporting or defending the MMGW/CAGW movement (the Scam); or they seem to seek to benefit from it financially or in terms of their status, influence or careers.

Whether through good intention, ignorance, malice, hubris, the pursuit of undisclosed political agendas, desire for wealth, promotion, status or influence, the woeful result of their collective effort continues to be a significant and unnecessary increase in human misery, especially among poorer members of society in developed and developing economies. The CAGW Alarmists and their fellow-travelers have gained control of related government policy in most countries with developed economies, most of their scientific institutions and most mainstream news media.  This means that they have been able to keep the Scam alive, even as its scientific basis appears increasingly tenuous, economies suffer from the related policy implementation and the general public becomes increasingly skeptical of the Warmists’ ongoing climate-related hysteria.

A number of influential people have recently changed from supporting of the Scam to opposing it, and it is expected that more will change sides as the scientific foundation of the Scam continues to be undermined, the hoped-for rewards of sycophancy are not forthcoming,  and the predicted adverse consequences  fail to materialize. In the meantime, people appearing on this list should be regarded as the villains that they are.

Suggestions for changes may be made via this blog.

Title           First Name           Second Name         Alias             Country

V.P.              Al                               Gore                                                       U.S.A.

.                    Alice                          Bell                                                          U.K.

.                    Andrew                     Revkin                                                    U.S.A.

.                    Angela                       Merkel                                                   Germany

President    Barack                       Obama                                                  U.S.A.

Senator       Barbara                     Boxer                                                     U.S.A.

Prof.            Brian                          Hoskins                                                 U.K.

.                    Bill                             Hare                                                        U.K.

.                    Brian                          Fallow                                                    New Zealand

Sir               Brian                          Hoskins                                                  U.K.

.                    Bill                              McKibben                                             U.S.A.

.                   Cate                            Blanchett                                               Australia

.                  Catherine                   Delahunty                                             New Zealand

Prince        Charles                                                                                        U.K.

Dr.              Charles                      Keeling                                                    U.S.A.

.                   Chris                          Huhne                                                     U.K.

Prof.           Chris                          Turney                                                     Australia

Dr.              Colin                          Summerhayes                                       U.K.

.                   Connie                       Hedegaard                                            Denmark

.                   Dana                          Nuccitelli                                               U.S.A.

Sir               David                         Attenborough                                       U.K.

.                   David                         Cameron                                                U.K.

Dr.               David                          Deming                                                 U.K.

Prof.            David                          Karoly                                                   Australia

Dr.               David                          Kennedy                                               U.K.

Sir                David                         King                                                       U.K.

.                    David                          Nish                                                      U.K.

.                    David                          Parker                                                   New Zealand

Dr.               David                          Viner                                                     U.K.

Dr.               David                          Suzuki                                                   Canada

Dr.               David                          Wratt                                                     New Zealand

Prof.           Declan                        Conway                                                  U.K.

.                   Ed                                Davey                                                     U.K.

.                   Ed                                Milliband                                              U.K.

.                   Edward                       Luce                                                       U.S.A.

Senator      Edward                       Markey                                                  U.S.A.

.                   Ellen                           Goodman                                               U.S.A.

.                   Erik                             Conway                                                  U.S.A.

Dr.               Ernest                         Moniz                                                    U.S.A.

.                    Gareth                        Hughes                                                 New Zealand

Dr.               Gareth                        Morgan                                                 New Zealand

.                    Gareth                        Renowden                                            New Zealand

Dr.                Gavin                         Schmidt                                                U.S.A.

.                    George                       Clooney                                                  U.S.A.

.                    George                       Monbiot                                                 U.K.

.                    Gina                           McCarthy                                              U.S.A.

.                    Greg                           Laden                                                     U.S.A.

.                    Grant                         Foster                          “Tamino”          U.S.A.

.                    Gwynne                     Dyer                                                        Canada

.                    Guy                           Callendar                                                U.K.

.                    Harrison                  Ford                                                         U.S.A.

.                   Helen                         Mahy                                                       U.K.

.                    Henry                        Waxman                                                U.S.A.

.                    Hilary                        Benn                                                       U.K.

.                     Ian                            Marchant                                               U.K.

Dr.                James                       Annan                                                     U.K.

.                    James                       Cameron                                                Canada

Dr.                James                       Hansen                                                   U.S.A.

Dr.                James                       Renwick                                                 New Zealand

.                     Jana                         Bennett                                                   U.K.

.                     Jeanette                   Fitzsimons                                             New Zealand

Dr.                Jim                            Salinger                                                 New Zealand

Prof.             Jim                           Skea                                                         U.K.

.                     Joe                             Romm                                                    U.S.A.

Dr.                Joe                             Smith                                                     U.K.

Sir               John                           Beddington                                            U.K.

.                    John                           Cook                                                       Australia

Lord            John                          Gummer (Lord Deben)                        U.K.

Dr.               John                           Holdren                                                  U.S.A.

Sir                John                           Houghton                                               U.K.

Senator       John                           Kerry                                                       U.S.A.

Lord            John                           Krebs                                                       U.K.

.                    Julia                           Gillard                                                     Australia

Dame          Julia                            King                                                         U.K.

Dr.              Kathryn                      Sullivan                                                    U.S.A.

Prof.           Katrina                       Brown                                                      U.K.

Dr.              Kennedy                    Graham                                                    New Zealand

.                    Kevin                         Rudd                                                         Australia

Dr.               Kevin                          Trenberth                                                U.S.A.

.                    Louise                        Gray                                                          U.K.

.                   Lucy                            Lawless                                                     New Zealand

Dr.              Marcia                         McNutt                                                     U.S.A.

.                   Mark                            Lynas                                                        U.K.

Dr.              Mark                           Serreze                                                     U.S.A.

.                   Matt                           Damon                                                      U.S.A.

.                   Maurice                      Strong                                                   Canada/China

.                   Metiria                       Turei                                                       New Zealand

Prof.          Michael                      Ashley                                                      Australia

Prof.          Michael                      Hulme                                                     U.K.

Prof.           Michael                      Mann                                                    U.S.A.

Prof.           Naomi                         Oreskes                                                U.S.A.

.                   Nancy                         Pelosi                                                    U.S.A.

Prof.           Neil                            Adger                                                     U.K.

Baron         Nicholas                    Stern                                                      U.K.

.                   Nick                          Clegg                                                       U.K.

Dr.              Nick                           Smith                                                      New Zealand

.                  Oliver                        Letwin                                                     U.K.

Dr.              Ottmar                     Edenhofer                                               Germany

Prof.           Paul                           Erlich                                                       U.S.A.

.                   Paul                           Johnson                                                  U.K.

Prof.           Paul                            Krugman                                                U.S.A.

Sir              Paul                            Nurse                                                       U.K.

.                  Penny                         Sackett                                                    Australia

Senator     Penny                         Wong                                                      Australia

.                  Peter                          Garrett                                                     Australia

Dr.             Peter                          Gleick                                                       U.S.A.

Sir              Peter                          Gluckman                                               New Zealand

Prof.          Phil                            Jones                                                        U.K.

Lord          Robert                       May  (Lord May of  Oxford)                 U.K.

Lord          Robert                       Smith (Lord Smith of Kelvin)              U.K.

.                  Robyn                       Malcolm                                                   New Zealand

.                 Rod                             Oram                                                         New Zealand

.                 Roger                         Harrabin                                                   U.K.

Lord          Ronald                       Oxburg                                                     U.K.

Dr.             Rajendra                    Pachauri                                                  India

Dr.             Russell                        Norman                                                  New Zealand

.                  Sally                           Jewell                                                       U.S.A.

Prof.          Samuel                      Fankhauser                                             U.K.

.                  Sean                           Penn                                                         U.S.A.

.                  Seth                           Borenstein                                                U.S.A.

.                  Shaun                        Kingsbury                                                U.K.

Senator    Sheldon                    Whitehouse                                              U.S.A

Dr.            Solomon                     Hsiang                                                      U.S.A.

Prof.         Stefan                         Rahmstorf                                               Germany

Prof.         Stephan                      Lewandowsky                                         Australia

Prof.          Stephen                      Schneider                                                U.S.A.

Dr.            Tamsin                        Edwards                                                   U.K.

.                 Terry                           McAuliffe                                                  U.S.A.

Prof.          Tim                             Flannery                                                   Australia

.                 T.M.L.                         Wigley                                                       U.S.A.

.                  Tony                           Blair                                                           U.K.

Prof.         Will                              Steffen                                                      Australia

.                 William                       Connolley                                                U.K.

.                 Yoko                            Ono                                                           U.S.A.

.                 Yukio                           Hatoyama                                               Japan

.                  Yvo                              de Boer                                                    Netherlands

2 Responses to Villains

  1. Roger Dewhurst says:

    Add Dr Colin Summerhayes to this list.

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