What Harm?

The harm being done to society by the MMGW/CAGW movement (the Scam) is real,  huge and ongoing. This includes, in no particular order, the following:

  • Money and resources wasted on “renewable” energy projects. For example, EU member states have spent about E600 billion on “renewable” energy projects since 2005, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The German government recently stated that Germany’s green energy transition alone may cost consumers up to E1 trillion by 2030.
  • Much higher electricity bills because of subsidies to green energy, “carbon” taxes and emissions trading schemes. Countries most affected are in the U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. A German’s electricity bill has typically doubled since 2000. Despite the massive subsidies, European green energy enterprises are failing in the Czech Republic, Spain and Germany.
  • Europe’s failure to embrace the shale gas revolution means that gas prices are now 3 times as much there as they are in the U.S.A. This has profound negative consequences on European industrial competitiveness and leads directly to job losses.
  • Fuel poverty resulting from Scam-based government energy policies means that millions of people cannot afford sufficient electricity or to heat their homes properly. This leads directly to lower standards of living, poor health and  premature death.
  • It has been estimated that the mis-spending of taxpayers’ money in the OECD economies alone, as outlined above, currently totals several hundred billion USD per year. If a fraction of this money was to be spent on real problems, such as  lack of clean water or adequate nutrition, fuel poverty or basic health services, then the world would be a much better place.
  •   In addition, the United Nation and its related agencies is proposing to transfer an additional several hundred billion USD per year from the taxpayers of developed economies to developing countries to help them mitigate or adapt to the purported negative effects of global warming/climate change. This effort is still in its infancy, but if allowed to proceed as proposed, it will result in wealth transfers of trillions of USD over coming decades from the taxpayers of developed economies to the governments of developing countries.
  • Perhaps the most damaging and insidious  aspect of the Scam has been the attempted corruption of the scientific method, and the effected corruption of scientific institions and universities around the world – especially those in the developed economies.  In many cases,  control and the agendas of these institutions have been seized by small groups of CAGW zealots and their fellow-travellers.  Views of the ordinary members that do not support the Scam, who are often in the majority, have been suppressed.  Those who have spoken out against the Scam’s received orthodoxy have been denigrated and their careers have been curtailed or destroyed.  This situation is beginning to change, as the scientific case for the Scam continues to unravel. Many scientists are now finding the courage to speak out for the scientific truth, but in the meantime the zealots are still very much in charge of these institutions.
  • The proposition that climate change is natural was the standard null hypothesis until a few decades ago. In normal science, the onus is on the proponents of alternative hypotheses  to demonstrate that they are able to provide a better explanation  for observed climate behaviour than the null hypothesis does.  The promoters of the Scam have utterly failed to show that their explanation of the main cause of climate change (human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide and methane) is better than the null hypothesis, and thus it must be rejected in normal science. The IPCC’s post-normal version of climate science is to take as  as its null hypothesis the baseless and unproven idea that modern climate change is unnatural and therefore must be human-caused. This attempted inversion of the normal null hypotheis is of course a politically-based perversion of the normal scientific method. The normal scientific method has been responsible for most human progress over the past few hundred years. The IPCC and other promoters of the Scam have been stunningly successful in corrupting or perverting many fields of science, and in infesting them with their unverified computer models and their pseudo-science.  We will never know the true cost of this corruption, but even if it could be stopped tomorrow, it would be immense.

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